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AKA-DanBox Boogiebox – the unique storage box for optimally utilising space

As the first in the market, AKA-DanBox has developed a boogie box mounted between the vehicle’s axles. This best utilises the storage space, while also giving the vehicle a smart look. AKA-DANBOX Boogie Box can be manufactured and mounted on lorries, special vehicles, cranes and other vehicles with tight-fitting wheel pairs. This type of box prevents the formation of condensation, as the arrangement of shelves within can, for example, be made without penetrating the outer steel sheathing. Naturally, AKA-DANBOX Boogie box is thoroughly tested and approved.

Proper setup promotes efficiency

All AKA-DANBOX Boogie boxes can be fitted with light or heat. This may, for example, be equipment storage for the driver, easy access to chains and special tools or other objects. The possibilities are endless - and with the right setup, the driver's work becomes more efficient, easy and fast.

Individually adapted solutions for AKA-DANBOX Boogie box

We can deliver AKA-DANBOX Boogie box in exactly the dimensions, design, materials and interior setup required by the customer. The boogie box is always supplied with a drawer door and, of course, individual interior setups. We have produced models for all types of lorries and special vehicles.

We design an AKA-DANBOX Boogie box that is exactly tailored to your needs

In order for us to provide an offer as well as delivery time for individually customised DANBOX veneer boxes, we need the following data:

  • dimensions (dxhxw)
  • desired materials
  • interior setup

You are more than welcome to contact us for advice so that we, with our extensive experience, can find the right solution that suits your needs.

Download AKA-DANBOX Boogiebox Product Sheet

Features AKA-DANBOX Boogiebox

Material Specifications:  

Outer sheathing: 0.6 mm galvanised steel plate, Option: Aluminium or stainless steel
Inner sheathing: Waterproof birch veneer or Aluminium
Screws: Galvanised/stainless
Lid fittings: Stainless steel
Sealant: Solvents-Free
Sealing strip: Profile with optimal seal
Stopping chains: Galvanised
Brackets: Galvanised


Features in AKA-DANBOX Boogie box

  • extremely stable solution with very robust design adapted for the transport industry
  • possibility for a fully welded aluminium model
  • solid fastenings with various locking systems as per request
  • adjustable counterpart to stainless steel fastening brackets
  • 227 kg loadable drawer with built-in drawer lid - for use with snow chains, circles, lifting chains, straps, etc.
  • vent outlet on the backside of the metal box
  • wind and waterproof, with thick rubber seal strip along the lid many possibilities for individual setups