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Development & Consultancy

AKA-DanBox is the overall Group for several different production companies, each with its own area of specialisation and expertise in box, tank, etc. – to name but a few.
Our development and consultancy department ensures synergy between the existing companies within the Group and new companies and products as we look to the future. The department plays a vital role in developing new quality products for our wide range of sectors and advising customers on how to combine products to achieve the best solutions.

Advice on cost-effective solutions

As a specialist in innovative storage and protection solutions, we have extensive experience in creating cost-effective solutions for our customers.
We are always happy to advise customers on problems and tasks in order to achieve the ideal solution.  
In some cases this will result in customised solutions, while in other cases the solutions may have wider applications within a given sector.
Please feel free to contact us with your preferences and requirements, as we are committed to improving customer performance.

Developing new products

Working closely with our development department, our development team is constantly working to produce new, innovative products for the numerous sectors within which AKA-DanBox operates.
Despite our focus on specific industries, the link with other sectors and different materials leads to the development of new ideas and approaches to storage and protection, which in turn can be applied to other sectors.
We are always pleased to hear about preferences and problems from the market, as our development department is standing by to generate ideas and solutions.