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AKA stainless steel lockers

AKA Danbox stainless steel lockers in three different

Left: Old model prior to 2013 - Item 10245
Middle: new model for smooth lids - Item 10243
Right: new model for smooth lids with integrated locks - Item 10244

Danbox stainless steel lockers

Danbox stainless steel lockers:
Left: without lock - Item 10-0063-6
Right: integrated lock - Item 10-0063-1

Stainless steel backstop for Danbox lockers

Product No. 09-013915

Stainless steel backstop for AKA locker

Product No. 2370

Galvanized hinge for plywood boxes

Product No. 0003

Stainless Steel pipe frame for mounting on top of box

Customised products tailored to your measurements

UNP 80 suspension system

Product No. 99-007

Steel Box Fittings

Product Nos. 09-40700400, 09-40700500 and 09-40700600

Steel Box Fittings, Height 400 – 500 – 600 mm

Integrated aluminium steps – Sizes: M, L

Product No. 10-23248M 10-23248L

AKA electric heating element with fan

Product No. 2410

AKA electric heating element with fan, 24V, 135 Watt, 50 degrees, version from 2014

24V/505W Electrical Heater

Part no. 2413

24V Waterheater

Part no. 117429

To be connected on the trucks return watersystem

LED light with 2 metre cable

Product No. 10-0065-3

Ventilation back plate – Galvanized or stainless steel

Product No. 3751739

Battery fittings for box assembly

Product No. 10-060

Battery drawer for two batteries

Product No. 10-062

Battery drawer for single battery

Product No. 10-061

Removable extraction shelf for fitting to U-shaped iron mounting

Product No. 10-00010

Ventilation back plate – galvanized

Product No. 5097771

Loose shelf for fixed box assembly

Product no. 10-0022

Drawer extraction – 227 kg – with integrated lock

Product No. 10-422.33.842

Please give us the lenght, we have them on stock from 300-700mm

Drawer extraction – 227 kg

Product No. 10-422.10.860

Please give us the lenght, we have them on stock from 300-700mm

Lid stop for side-hinged lids

Product No. 1097-u5AKA

Gas spring for top-hinged lids

Product No. 10-0050

Please give us the N, we have them on stock from 150-1000 newton